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To each their own I guess. To me the 4K and all that came after was the end of my interest in Akai. I even sold my 2KXL last year because I couldnt give myself any good reason to keep such an harsch sounding sampler.

I think I'll get myself an OP-1 next. Played with it at a friends house the other day and the sound , fullness and width was incredible. I was literally blown away by that kid toy looking thing.
No,thats fine that you dont like or respect the sound of any sampler by Akai that came after a certain period.Its just ive heard (on these very pages) so many duplicate descriptions that bare little resemblance to my personal experiences.To call them out for being somewhat sh*tty sounding ect is just kinda ridiculas imo //

note-thats not to say its going to inspire you but there all damn good at what they do.A lot of bang for the buck.No samplers made nowadays touch these later hardware beasts for sound vs function.Thats my point really.