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Not the same.At all.Especially when transposing samples,layering,filterin,effects,sequencing ectectect on the 4k/z8/z4.They are somewhere in between the oldies and computer sound.Which has its benefits tbh.I made a ton of stuff which sounds nothin like a computer sound unltimately on the 4k,sounding quite thick and present.Now im digging the mid to late 90s sound (pre 4k).Just a little bit extra special but not too vintage.But with modern conveniences.
To each their own I guess. To me the 4K and all that came after was the end of my interest in Akai. I even sold my 2KXL last year because I couldnt give myself any good reason to keep such an harsch sounding sampler.

I think I'll get myself an OP-1 next. Played with it at a friends house the other day and the sound , fullness and width was incredible. I was literally blown away by that kid toy looking thing.