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Solid State Pultecs not being made at the moment. Any alternatives?

Not sure if this thread goes in "So much gear so little time" or "High end" so mods, move it if there's a better place.

I called Pulse as I was interested in having them build me mastering versions of the solid state Pultecs and regrettably I was told by Dr. Steve Jackson that at the moment all production of solid state rack version pultecs are suspended and none are being made.

The 500 series though is still in production.

Apparently a while ago the company that manufactures the power supply module for the solid state version decided to discontinue it without warning so the problem is Pulse can't get power supplies. Dr. Jackson had told me that if had been given warning, he would have scooped up a hundred or so, but there was no warning.

The 500 series is fine as the power is supplied by the rack.

He said there is one possible alternative but it doesn't fit the current metalwork and cutouts for the solid state cases so if they were to move forward, they'd have to redesign the case and cutouts and order all new metalwork, which depending on how many they actually sell might be even more of a financial disaster to do.

My heart really goes out to the guy - this has to be an extremely frustrating situation to be stuck in.

The second half of this post, is if anyone has any ideas of a substitute for a solid state pultec. I am familiar with both the tube and the solid state versions and much prefer the sound of the solid state version so I'm not interested in the tube versions. Those are still in production and I could just pick up a pair of those if I wanted.

I'd prefer stepped or switched if possible. I know the a designs em-eq2 seems to get a lot of respect around here but I'm not sure if the knobs are stepped or switched.

I'm open to ideas and opinions.