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found a cheap one on amazon. comes flashed to work w/apple. $199. works fine. haven't installed mojave though. gonna wait until everything is clear w/the most recent update. the card is the same as the apple one but doesn't say "Mac Version" on it. but it's the same card. they just flash the firmware for mac and that's that. no need to spend $600 or whatever.

EVGA GeForce GTX680 2GB GDDR5 DisplayPort DVI-I, DVI-D HDMI Graphics Card for Mac 02G-P4-3682-KR

the seller i bought it from is superinnovation LLC. delivered quickly and works w/no problem on my 2010 Mac
thank you thank you !!

it looks like it comes with the proper Power Cables .. may i ask, did yours come fully ready out of the box ?? cables, all that jazz ??

looking at my options for taking this computer as far as it will go ...

199.00 graphics card OR for 99.00(

189.00 ram upgrade to tri 48gb 3x16gb .. (currently have 24gb - 3x 8gb)

47.00 PCIe SSD card adapter and use my Crucial SSD boot that i use now OR

with a 512gb PCIe SSD for 59.00(1TB is 99.00) and card adapter 45.00

about 400.00 as it stands on the low end and about 533.00 on the high end .. 783.00 if you factor in the extra Blade Drives below ..

and .. i could add another 2 blade card and start moving my sample drives over to 2x 1TB blades and a card adapter !!! thats another 250.00 !!!

SSD's that have been around a long time now .. and i have had 2 of them not show up on desktop of say it have been ejected (yes, internal SSD drive)

where does it stop SLutz !! oh, yeah that would be about as far as i need for audio production .. and it would be enough to deal with the little amount of video i need to ..

now back on track !!!

cheers john