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Old 21st June 2019
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Thumbs down schizophrenia

my business partner and friend developed schizophrenia almost over night.
Im now going to be homeless, even though I purchased my friend a home outright.

I have 20 or so vintage analog synthesizers.
I almost want to lend them out to a real studio.

I dont want to sell them but I will be living in my car soon.
I dont have any friends or family.

I wonder if there is some kind of studio looking for some kind of low paid partner or something where all my gear would be safe, not a storage facility.

Im under the impression real recording studios go under all the time, and being burnt so badly by my current partner Im just so totally screwed.

If my dreams were to come true Id move to the bay area.
I wonder if I could be cryogenicly frozen.