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I agree completely, however, I have over $10,000 worth of cymbals (Zildjian K, K custom dark, A, Sabian Aax, Vault, HHX, paragon, Paiste Signature, Bosphorous, Turkish) and don't consider that anywhere close to covering everything sonically. And despite having what I think is a great collection optimized for recording, sadly drummers still typically want to use their own stuff unless there is one of those increasingly rare producers on-scene to over-rule them. Occasionally I win this debate after convincing them to do an A/B recorded demo, but that's a PITA....we drummers can be stubborn folk....

Whereas most drool over the Recording Custom signature kit I mentioned earlier. I'd say it had about a 75% acceptance rate, typically paired with a black beauty. But not many kits have the sort of reputation/status to do that... perhaps also DW, vintage Ludwig in some cases. Maintenance and tuning is not hard - a billion decent youtube how to videos. Despite this I am surprised by how many drummers can't tune well and are shocked when they hear a nicely tuned high-end pro kit.

Perspectives clearly differ on this sort of thing and there really is no right answer when it comes to this IMO.... just sharing what has been the case in my own experience.
Sure. I just want a lifesaver - something generic, that’ll work most of the time. The u87 of cymbal sets.

If you only ever record experienced session guys or pros in touring bands, you might not need that - but I also do a fair amount of young bands with crap gear, so I have an ampeg with 2 different heads, a selection of versatile and classic amps, and a well set up start with low noise single coils to get me out of trouble!