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Old 21st June 2019
Lives for gear

(I'll get tired of posting photos soon...)

My URA has been dragging this week; was due for delivery two days ago, then today, and no dice.

And the bus boards I ordered had a slight delay for a few days, the shop guys were on holiday.

So I consoled myself by rearranging things, figuring out what to unplug the power to to make the best of the 10 things I can power at once (of 19 here), and then I got back at it. Taking a brief break now.

Very pleased with this setup so far. Solid set of core modulation, especially once the URA arrives, got a few different ways to sequence CV, Notes, Drums, my groovebox part is coming right along. Some excellent keepers in there, too.

Thanks for the help, everyone.

Here it is an updated photo since the URA finally arrived. Re-watching some URA videos meow:

The second case will start shaping up soon: