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It would be nice to have a decent in-house kit so session players don't have to lug gear if they don't want to
A studio kit doesn't necessarily have to look nice, so used is the often the way to go. A guy near me has a house kit where each piece is from a different set, different brand, even. A completely "ad hoc" drum set. Looks like hell, but it records great.

If you go used, I think the $2500 budget is eminently do-able, even adding in a few nice cymbals.

Most of the drummers that come with their Band, bring their own kits no matter what you have there. Often these kits are weird and there would be problems even trying to match the setup, never mind match the sound with a House Kit.

Most of the drummers I see that come in as hired guns tend to leave their drums "in the car" and haul them in only if they think the house kit won't work for them. Often, they are fine with our kick and toms, but are almost always bringing in their own snares and cymbals. I think pedals are also a very personal choice.

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Also some people are saying not to worry about cymbals but i think nothing sinks a recording faster than a bad sounding cymbal.
I think the rationale is that nearly everyone uses their own cymbals anyway. We have Zildjians all around, but still, the last time someone used our house kit exactly 'as is' including the cymbals was me, playing accompaniment on a student audition for a jazz program.

I guess you want to have something decent for hats and ride, just in case someone shows up with literally nothing. Or some folksinger decides he knows kung fu. But you don't want to spend big for something that will mostly gather dust.