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Yes, worldwide overall Universal is killing it. They are by far the top earner and most profitable worldwide.

As for extreme... most of the big names they have are just name only. Zimmer, Snoop, etc don't actually write for the catalog and really don't even hear any of the music that has their names on it. I know Quincy did the first couple albums for his catalog but that was it. Extreme paid them a bunch of money to use their name and likeness. Some of them already had a team of "writers" that worked for them, and so they were taking tracks from the writers to use in the libraries... But from what I heard it very rarely goes through the actual name artist.

But hey, it was a risky marketing strategy that worked. A lot of the music in the Extreme catalog is not that great. But there are a few gems in there that they really highlight... that in conjunction with the big names does exactly what they wanted marketing-wise... it brands the company as being the best. Go through and actually listen to a lot of the albums they have on their site though... you'll hear a few good ones interspersed around a lot of mediocre and not that great albums.
Funny, I've noticed similar about Extreme. I can't seem to get any contact with them via emai and have been listening a lot lately. I keep meaning to do a Fulford and call mind.

Their stuff is pretty hit or miss. I'm surprised considering how much they outlay per track.