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Moving onwards-

The guys soldiered on, here you can see control room two has all it's drywall. This is a complete "inside out" room with 4 layers of 5/8" with green glue and the ceiling has 4 layers on top of the inner joists. This way the 9 1/2 joist height can be filled with fluffy, and then the clouds below will make ~2' of insulation on the ceilings.

Here you can see the inside of one of the control rooms (both are identical) looking towards the back, big corner traps framed out in the wall wall and ceiling wall corners. You can also see the joists on top (and then here is 4 layers of 5/8 on top of the joists)-

Framing for the big room, the long side their against the outside of the building is an inside out wall, and so was the one to the left (east). It's a real pain in the butt with all the inspections. We build one, do one layer of rock, call for an inspection, then the next layer of rock, call for an inspection, then build the next wall, one layer of rock then call for an inspection and so on. Luckily we're able to do the north wall of booth one at the same time as the south wall of the big room, and the both east walls of booth one and the big room.

Here is the big room looking at the south wall.

And here is looking back towards the hallway.

You can see the inner joists going up in both. Here is the front booth, we're going to keep this window and add glass on the inner framing. 3 layers of 5/8 in this room. The front wall is already up there and the east wall is on the floor with 3 layers, ready to be raised.