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Some implementation of comping will get added to Bitwig... but who knows when that will be.

I can live without the comping as I am not in a fast production environment and I don't have to keep any schedule other than my own interest.

In Bitwig, you can use the clip launcher to do multiple takes but there is no comping facility for quickly chopping the bits you want to keep. For now that is acceptable for me.

All the modulation capability in Bitwig is just not even possible in Logic. Now with the Grid in Bitwig, all sorts of complex sound design can be done and it can be polyphonic, or use voice stacking and is always MPE capable.

I think Bitwig is unique and powerful enough to be worth it even as a second DAW.
Yeah to be honest, if one is on a budget - go Bitwig + Acoustica Mixcraft. It's insane how much functionality that program has for the top version which is less than $100 when they have sales! I got it just so I have a dead simple recording program to use, which it works great for, but it honestly could do all that a lot of people need.

I hope Bitwig doesn't even try to do the comping at this point. I haven't even used Bitwig in almost a year but it's already so different from Ableton Live, let alone a mainstream DAW, why even bother weighing down the development path when there's so many other great options for traditional workflows, you know?

I don't know if Bitwig works as a rewire slave like Live does, but it would be cool if it could (or as a big plugin, like Maschine, although I don't think it could with all the processing power and VST hosting it's got going on - Maschine does a lot too though and can still be hosted as a plugin).

Mixcraft even has a simple clip launcher! But it's very very basic (but good enough for the goal of recording quick ideas I suppose, which was supposed to be the big idea of the clips in the first place).