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$2500 is likely really tight if you want something that drummers will prefer to use over their own kit. In my opinion that likely means high end DW, Yamaha, etc.

I would suggest that you don't invest in cymbals - you will quickly blow your budget. Drummers are especially picky about cymbals and will tend to want to use their own.

I actually was just considering selling a great studio kit - I have a Yamaha Recording Custom 20th Anniversary Steve Gadd edition set (22 kick, 10, 12, 14, 15 toms, 14X6.5 snare) in translucent black stain finish, in very good condition. IMHO it sounds fantastic and everyone who uses it raves about it. I'm just not recording drums as much anymore and so would consider letting it go for a fair price.

If you are interested, PM me and we could probably work something out.
I’m actually intending (still - been a while in the planning) to get cymbals but no kit! Reason being I’m no drum tech, so I’d have to make plans to keep it maintained, and IME I can sample replace to fix crappy toms and even the snare, but trashy cymbals ruin everything. And sometimes even good live cymbals don’t sound great in the studio, or a drummer only has one cymbal they bash repeatedly.