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Old 19th June 2019
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Archive track command frees up resources?

Hi Sonar useres. I have been using this great software for years and love it.

Recently I started using Nebula again and have to burn in its effects for resource management. So I started making backups of my dry recorded tracks using the consolidate audio tool command, that is nice.

But I also see if I right click each track that inser the MSR heading I can mute and archive each track individually. So I have 2 questions, first, what does MSR stand for, and when I mute then archive a track does that mean the archives track then stops using resources, no cpu?.

Ill always to the consolidat audio anyway just to make sure I have a known backup, but I would like to just clone wack track too, mute it and use archive so ill always have another copy right there in the daw to just unmute and unarchive and start fresh if I want to go back to the start. But if the archived track is still using cpu as if it were playing then that would be counterproductive and I would stop doing that.