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Still love it! AB’d it to a chandler tg2 and bae 1073mpf just recently as I needed a stereo unit and was contemplating getting the dual dpx.

The bae had a big and very seductive 3d ness about it, but it was a lot slower than the neve. Vocals were super smooth and had a finished feel to them, but it was harder to ‘hear’ the low end of the mix on drums and bass reamped through it. It smeared things down low. But it had a lot of air around the notes, very impressive. The unit I had had an issue that the level would drop and come back up randomly. And the Frankfurt musicmesse Bae guy had a fairly big ego, so I sent the unit back

The neve was infinitely punchier and tighter down low. Also more present highs. There’s perhaps a tiny bit of a spike in the 1-4K range but that is compared to the smoother bae. Doesn’t sound as big but you just hear everything clearly and balanced. Best allrounder although I wish it had a tiny bit more of the bae air around the sound, but with the neve’s clearer Frequency response curve. I did finally get around to sending it in for repair as one or two white buttons would crackle sometimes and let the audio drop aswell, but not as unpredictable as the bae. The bae would just do it by itself, with the neve I could disengage said button and it would go away.

The tg2 was as punchy but had a slightly stiffer feel and was slightly scooped in the mids with a slight top end boost, ideal for electric and acoustic guitars. Doesn’t have the compression and juice of the neve of bae but does have a top end you don’t really need to Eq and has a very articulate and airy sound to it.

So I bought the Tg2 for guitars, and will use the neve for bass and vocals
Any clips you can share? I have been looking everywhere, but I can't seem to find any. Also, how clean can the spx get? It is pretty colored regardless of how it is pushed?