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Old 19th June 2019
In the event that others stumble across this thread in researching Antelope before purchasing, let me give you an update on where I'm at in trying to get my faulty Zen Studio+ sorted.

User Sam Antelope Audio reached out to me as you can all see, and I genuinely think he was trying to work out a compromise. He offered to have a loaner sent so I wouldn't be unable to work, and made sure that I knew I could contact him at any point if I needed more help. So I contacted Antelope's repair department as per his instructions, only to receive this reply from Hristiyan Ivanov:

In order to send you one you will have to deposit the value of the device and pay for the delivery. This is required for out of warranty devices like yours. Antelope Audio provides one year of warranty in the US and your device is 2 years old now. Considering that you have contacted us in March for this case it should be covered by the Sweetwater warranty as they provide one additional year. Anyway, you will still need to deposit the value of the device before we can send it to you. The amount will be later refunded to you once we receive the loaner back in good working condition.
So I'm expected to pay for two units now—one that's never worked correctly, and now for one to replace it temporarily. Yes, I understand how a refundable deposit works, but we're talking about thousands of dollars here. I decide it's just not worth it for such a mess, and if I'm going to spend more money it's going to be on a new interface. So I order a competitor's interface and prepare to ship my Zen Studio+ out.

Panurgy OEM—Antelope's US repair center—contacts me this week via an invoice when I let them know the unit has shipped, and I was simply stunned at what I read.

Good Morning, This is for the Antelope Zen Studio Thunderbolt that was sent in for repair. Due to the unit being out of warranty, we have a non-refundable evaluation fee of $65. 00. Please pay this fee to ensure to unit does not remain on our hold rack. Please Note: this fee will be applied as a deposit towards the final invoice. Thank you! Rebecca Kennek
I wouldn't have been terribly upset over the evaluation fee of $65. Granted, it had never been mentioned before, and it's a little ridiculous considering what all is going on here. However, it's that last sentence that gets me upset—"a deposit towards the final invoice." Final invoice? I'm getting charged for this after I've already had two separate Antelope representatives tell me my repair will be covered under warranty? I emailed back and reminded them of my warranty and Sam's messages, but I've heard nothing back.

I've since PMed Sam and likewise gotten no response. I wouldn't normally air my dirty laundry publicly like this, but I've just been so disappointed with Antelope. I've tried every way I can to remain polite and respectful, and the runaround just continues. I sincerely ask that any of the Antelope representatives reading this rectify the situation.