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What Kind of Link Do You Give Reviewers?

Hi all,

My album will release in 2 weeks. I've got it up (privately) on Bandcamp and was preparing to send out invite codes to a list of reviewers. Then I sent a test email to my friend. It was terrible! When she clicked the link I gave her, she had to type her email address into a box then wait for a reply. She then got the link to my album. But could she stream it? Nope. Have to download the Bandcamp app. Ok, could she download the album? Nope. Can't download albums on Bandcamp with iPhones! So she had to request a link via her desktop, then download it from there.

Seems to me reviewers who get dozens (or more) review requests a day aren't going to do this ****. SoundCloud looks far easier. Anyone have any opinions?