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For anyone thinking of leaving Pro Tools...Studio one is where its at for ease of workflow IMO.

Their are some really cool features and I reckon if you emailed presonus direct and wanted to crossgrade they could do you deal.

There was an offer on not long ago where if you registered a S1 licence by a date you would get the CTC-1 Console shaper for free..I got an email.

I had already registered a couple of weeks before so was not eligible for the deal. A quick email to Presonus asking if they would honour the CTC-1 even though I registered before the deal and no questions asked within seconds the software was in my account and email saying sure thing have a nice day!

PT is built on old code but S1 is slick, loads fast and has seen big gains in V 4.5 (and update I got free)
I checked their website yesterday and they have a crossgrade offer of 25 percent discount. Full price is £350 approx...i think.