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It makes me wonder about my future interns. The prohibitive cost of entry for pro tools will preclude your average 19 year old’s accessibility. In the long term, that could mean fewer-still useful young people in professional music studios that make their way as engineers (and there are already so very few), and eventually, a phasing out of pt altogether.

I intend to start polling my current interns to find out what DAWs they and their peers use, with an eye towards switching away from exclusive pt use at my commercial room in the near future.
Subscription models work when the pricing is right...Netflix prime...

People on average have 3 subscription video streaming services on the go at the same time all as they see value in choice....and 5.99 per month is cheap so people see value in having a few...

I still think Steve Slates model at 14.99 is priced too high

5 years sub $900

Id rather have the fun of the sales and buy a plugin alliance plug I actually wanted and use for $29 and be done with it....