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Originally Posted by John Eppstein View Post
It just doesn't sound like a proper Fender clean to me.

The amp sounds to me like it was designed by somebody with, for lack of a better term, a "modern" concept of what a blues amp should sound like, with a more "rock and roll" sort of tone. In doing that they lost something.
In my experience such characterizations as "proper Fender clean" are so subjective as to have no resolution. It begs the question, "Which Fender clean" or are you of the opinion that all Fender amps regardless of year or design have some important or, overwhelming common denominator?

This sort of exclusive reverence I see all the time. I have friends in The Blues Scene who argue as to whether Robert Cray is really a Bluesman or not, which I find rather picayune and silly. Some of them are so reverential that they require totally idiomatic style and note-for-note reproduction. Frankly though these guys are friends, I disagree. If I want that I'll put on the actual original. If Muddy was of like mind Chicago Blues would have just been Delta Blues played in Chicago instead of breathing new life into a new genre. I see no compelling reason to be forced to choose between Lighhnin' Hopkins and Hubert Sumlin. I like 'em both and Robert Cray, too. Even BB loved Peter Green's sound so the actual Blues cats weren't quite so anal as the aficionados that sometimes followed.

Originally Posted by John Eppstein View Post
As far as "chime" goes, it could be that we're not talking about exactly the same thing. When I think "chime" I think early Beatles and Byrds. Tom Petty for a more recent reference. It seems to me that some people mean something else.
I do as well and that sound is especially -- ! BRIGHT ! -- thus the term and decidedly NOT warm like most Fenders are, particularly Blackface designs. The Monoprice is NOT Blackface design and only marginally warm, much more like a Tweed, Marshall or Vox.

With the Monoprice simply dropping back the Bass control and playing with the Mid and Treble and especially keeping the Gain control low (since it is a tandem pot where one side reduces high end while the gain is increased by the other side) and running the Master up at "5" or more it's capable of considerable AC15-ish chime which should be no surprise since it is a very similar design, even having the Direct-Coupled Cathode Follower driven EQ stack.

Granted lifting off the negative feedback resistor (although thankfully a very conservative value already) to Open for zero NF would be better or at least more like a Vox, but that would just be frosting on the cake. The cake is in there already.

The Tone control (being something akin to a Presence design) can help some but isn't essential, especially with the Master Volume up high. Also granted is that I played through it with a real DanElectro Silvertone with original Lipstick Tube pups to get that chime and possibly your guitar(s) were not as "jangly" and bright as it.

However the point still remains you are very much into Stock, No Mods, as it was designed and delivered and withing a limited number of years etc that from my POV is quite conservative and not particularly adventurous. I, OTOH, will "try stuff" and "see what THIS does" so I know my gear inside and out and I don't care if anyone thinks that's proper or legit. All I care about is results and from such uninhibited explorations, along with substantial training and experience, I get what I'm after. You seem a bit more "by the book" to me

I'll leave you with a quote from a musician that opened my eyes to the Art on top of the Science of Music when he said "I don't care if I have to mount a speaker inside a 55 Gallon Drum to get a sound I want, as long as I get it"

Anyway all this was about your claim that the Blues Jr isn't very versatile and even the bastardly Fender Machete , though decidedly a niche amp (of something of the worst kind from my POV all about Hi Gain), had a reasonable clean sound when fiddled with. OK Blues Jr is a modernized version of a Classic sound but all I was trying to do was to get OP to play around with it a bit, to cut loose a little, to find out the limits of it's versatility before he just ditched it for digital.

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