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That would be me.

I was toying with the idea of having a look at PT, but certainly not now!!!

I feel for those people who have built their business model around PT and now it's embedded and would find it hard to jump ship.

Avids new attitude has a tinge of "Ransom Ware" about it, or even "Software Rape", definitely Extortion - it's not right.

Reminds me of Adobe's model and why I went back to using CS5.

If you don’t already “need” or incorporate pro tools in your workflow there isn’t a lot of sense to join the party now.

As for adobe...still on cs6 here too (cs5 at work lol)...probably a good system to all lock down with pro tools and not update anymore while cs6 still works. Even though I use cs every day for absolutely everything I do at my day job, I have seen no features/incentives to justify an all works fine and does exactly what it’s supposed to.