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Already addressed in this thread not long ago: Synchronizing Tascam HS-P82 with Zoom F8/n during recording….
I like the Omoto PDF link, an outdoor rig with racks of the recorders, for capturing cicada sounds across 80 tracks !

I was part of that thread when trying to decide which route to take, and glad I went with the second hsp-82. The keyboard trick seems ok, but I'd really rather not have another piece of gear to bring with me, and aligning in post just isn't hard at all. Monitoring both without having to use a small mixer is actually my main problem right now.

I've seen those live recording rigs before but wasn't aware of that massive 80 channel array! I've been working with ambisonics for a few years but can't imagine an 80 channel rig...that's just a crazy looking setup. You could do the same thing now with 5 Sound Devices Scorpios though.