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Q - Will Avid still offer BOTH perpetual and subscription offerings?

A - We will continue to offer perpetual pricing as an option. However, going forward the preferred pricing model will be subscription-based pricing, because this is the direction of the entire industry and the way people would prefer to license software.
No, Avid, it is not how people want to license software, which is why DAWs like Studio One are becoming so popular. Subscriptions are only popular with software companies that have run out of new ideas to sell and make a profit (Adobe, Microsoft, Avid, etc). Instead, you adopt a permanent repayment plan to keep making money off of a product you sold us years ago. It isn't a business model, it is extortion. How about if you pay us monthly advertising fees for having your product on our computer screens when clients walk in?

I already sold one ProTools HD license because of this model. I might have to sell the other one.