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Here for the gear

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I appreciate your questions and I would be more than happy to discuss them with you - you can send me a personal message here. I'm remaining at your disposal.
Well Sam, why do you not answer to my private messages? Was it too clear what I said?

With server version 1.6.26 nothing works for me anymore. Any issues resolved with 1.6.21 and 1.6.24 are back with the current version. The full broadside for the customer. Is your chief developer back from vacation?

Well: I am a good customer. I opened a support ticket. Very good. The support colleague has suggested that I start a remote session so he can install server version 1.4.8 for me. I told him that I could do it myself. The stupid thing is: 1.4.8 was released in June 2018 (a year ago). I asked him if that was serious? 5 days: no answer.

Everyone in the community can now think for themselves. This example shows where Antelope stands.

Sorry Sam. I know you can not help in the support of this incompetence in your development. The way I see it, the colleague just wanted to put it back in place before this whole zero number started with the new role of the launcher and this double zero number AFX2DAW. Nobody needs AFX2DAW. You're just a couple of years late. Everyone has enough native plugins in their DAW, and today's processors have enough processor power (especially for EQs and COMPs). You did not have to do it all for that.

Why are you continuing at this point? You are ruining your entire business with this development. Who gives your chief developers in your company so much room for maneuver?

As a customer, I just want to control a hardware device with software and vice versa. That's what you do in today's studio technology.

But obviously, in the ivory tower of the Antelope development, it's easy to believe that the whole world is a laboratory. Where you just try out things. At some point that works. Perhaps. And sometimes never.

But that's not how it works in the world of musicians and producers. The people out there have to work hard for their money.

Get rid of this stupid proprietary server technology and rely on technology others use too. Other audio interfaces can also be remotely controlled. Also in 2-step procedure via mobile devices.

Stop mixing your update philosophy with the product. If the software quality is right, you do not need an update every day. The launcher and the control panel simply have nothing to do with each other. You only annoy the customer with it.