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you should definitely try V-Clip by Venn Audio :

-Live tracing of your signal along the clipping curve for clear and transparent monitoring of your signal loudness and clipping amount.
-Double-precision 64-bit floating-point processing supported natively and upscaled internally regardless of input.
-Large selection of different clipping sigmoid functions to choose from.
-Up to 256x oversampling with three different advanced polyphasic anti aliasing filter types.
-Custom clipping mode to provide separate waveshaping for positive and negative samples plus DC offset control and filtering, allowing for unique sounding distortion with even and odd harmonics.
-Advanced waveform visualisation and oscilloscope view.
-Use Auto-gain or auto-ceiling to adjust for new peaks introduced by oversampling, or inter-sample peaks
-Built in test-tone, gain matching.

it's cheap but it's really good and versatile