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There is no absolute answer to this, but. Some composers work holistically with the words music and everything coming at the same time. I kind of work like this. And then spend the effort trying to get it recorded the way I imagine it in my head.

What i don't do is
make a nice beat, then make up a bass line for it then see if some chords fit then write some melody and then write some words then try and bolt them all together.
Personally I don't think that this works too well, or not as well as a holistic approach

For me its the words that really inform the melody first. Try writing the lead vocal lines first with NO other instrumentation. As soon as you know what words you want to sing try singing them immediately, get the idea down there and then with just your voice. This way you will get the most emotional impact and naturalness to the writing. This method is almost cheating.

OK bear with me on this next one. ah hem,
Another technique I use is to try as hard as I can to come up with the most dumb nonsense possible in a kind of nursery rhyme demented simpleton way as though I had the brain of a earth worm on crystal meth. In a dark room I drive myself into a schizophrenic trance like state and freeform nonsense with the intention of making something really stupid. What invariably happens is the exact opposite. My best stuff comes to me like this!