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Old 18th June 2019
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Not sure if this has been mentioned on this thread - but it has been mentioned on the 4.3 release thread in New Product Alert section.

A number of users are unable to use the 4.3 version due to audio glitches.

In my case - Win10 v1809 - I get small glitches and stutters in the audio (frequently - sometimes up to 2 a second) in Systemwide. I didn't go as far as trying the plugin out - but it sounds like the plugin would also be affected.

Reverting back to the previous release (4.2.xx) fixed the issue for me.

It should be noted - I did not remeasure the room - but pretty sure I read that I didn't need to. Although I probably haven't remeasured the room since version 4 or 4.1.

On another note - when did the right-click on Systemwide icon start opening up a menu and not the audio settings page. I frequently have to switch audio devices - and now the process involves even more clicks (it never remembers the correct settings if my soundcard is switched off when booting the computer - and my soundcard (which is ancient) has to be switched off during boot or it doesn't initialize properly in Windows).

So now there's even more clicks to get it working nicely. I did notice during my brief interlude on 4.3 that at least the audio devices appeared in the menu (not so in 4.2.xx - previous version) - which is great but I still have to open an additional menu folder to get to the setting I need. Is there any chance of storing favourite settings so I can simply switch to the correct audio device with minimum fuss?