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Old 18th June 2019
Here for the gear

I did try to link a second photo - the miking was a little unorthodox (I couldn't persuade them to go for the brass and choir facing each other so had to move the stereo pair of wide cardioids in front of the conductor and over the top of the brass. Worked a treat actually!

Miking 1 Miking 2

It was a pair of CM3s in the centre (over-sized ORTF), OM1 outriggers, spaced pair of OM1s on the organ, two M5s as brass section mics. NT5s on the choir (cardioid) with an sE4400 in the middle on figure-8 (also used as a choir solo spot), and an NT1-A in the back as a bass spot. NT1-a on the timps and an M5 on aux perc. (one of my M5s was being troublesome and was relegated to conductor listening duty only!)

A bargain-basement setup (I am planning to upgrade some more soon when funds allow) but it does sound pretty good, at least to my ears. I'll see if I can post an extract at some point.

RE: dropout - I need to get to the bottom of it - could well be a USB port issue.