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Old 18th June 2019
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After much thinking it looks like I’m buying the MR18. Being able to use my iPad to control the faders and routing make this thing super convenient especially when worrying about some drunk spilling they’re open cup on our mixer at a house party. And for this price, it’s just perfect. I also previewed the software. The emulations looks promising. Can anyone comment on how they sound, I’m especially curious wondering how the 1176 and pulltech emus sound. Thank you everyone for helping me find the right piece of gear for my needs. This one here looks like the winner for me. Plus I’ll still have enough cash to buy myself a warm audio 251 mic also. This MR 18 looks very very promising. Especially if it sounds exactly like the Midas board.its a home run if it does. Any comments on this unit and or the effects it has?