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Here for the gear
I've only had it a few months - it does get daily use as my studio sound card at home though and it's been pretty faultless.

I will say that it did very briefly drop out on me during that session twice (only for a fraction of a second, but I was recording 15 out of the 16 channels at 96/24!) but it was on all day. The lack of rack ears is a little irritating, but I've velcroed mine to the top of the LA 8MPs, and it's also helpfully wedged underneath the top plate. I'm on a Mac and haven't had any driver issues. The dual headphone outputs were indeed very useful (both I and the producer wore cans) though it might struggle to provide a really strong level for high impedance headphones (I was using Sony MDR-7506s and the producer Behringer Dt-770 Pros - the 80Ω model).

The only other thing I rue slightly is the lack of a proper built-in mixer - there is a software panel but the functionality is pretty basic - it'd be great to be able to make a monitor mix pre-DAW for latency (I was running it at 1024 samples in Audition whilst tracking but can usually get away with 256 or 512 for smaller channel counts).

I've not used the built-in pres on Ch 1-4 in anger but in a quick test they seemed really pretty nice, and I can't fault the general sound quality - as far as I can tell it's transparent and delivers lovely depth and clarity. It's got 8 outputs as well so you could run a surround setup through it.

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