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A couple of images from a recent choir, brass and organ session, and pretty well the first outing for my 'big rig' (16 channels of recording + talkback).

Mics by Rode, Line Audio and sE Electronics. ESI 168XT interface and Line Audio mic pres. The Zoom L12 is just there providing the pre-amp for the talkback speaker (Yamaha MS-101III) though it's also my backup multitrack recorder for sessions in case the laptop were to croak. I tend to do smaller channel-count live concerts with the Zoom recording to SD card and multitrack to the laptop (via USB).
Nice compact rig, very neat and uncluttered !

What's been your experience with the ESI interface thus far...I've read mixed reports of it having a clear, hi-fi sounds vs a few folk having troubles with drivers and one or two sudden deaths of the device after a few months use ?

I believe the manufacturer forgot to add rack mounting ears, but maybe that's been fixed by now ? The dual headphone outputs is a great idea too !