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Old 17th June 2019
Here for the gear

Question Honest + constructive feedback on mixes/masters!

I recently got the honor of recording, mixing AND mastering an EP by a hard rock/metal band. A very fun task, but a bit of a challenge I must say. (I haven't really listened that much to metal/hard rock lately, and I have not recorded or mixed it that much either - and never mastered heavy rock!)

So I recorded four songs with this band, and I need to get some input - what do you think of the mixes?

You can listen to two of the songs here:

Since I did the whole shebang from recording all the way to to mastering, I'm curious to see what your experienced ears think. I was hesitant to do everything, but the band asked me and I said I would give it a try. Be honest, I can take it ;-)

Just as a fun sidenote - one was recorded in professional studio with a highend-console, and the other one in a rehearsal studio with my own expensive/not so expensive gear. ;-) Can you pick out which is which?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!