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I was just being thorough so there would be know mix up on my points.Apprantly I was not not articulate to the point that you could understand what I was trying to convey.

perhaps you should before you make ultimatums?

the only "nonsense" was when someone recommend a compressor on a mic pre thread.

As you are doing right now, ironically.

I was just being honest and giving some context to my rebuttal. Would you rather I told him I use GAP mic pres?? lol are you serious?

maybe you can present something of substance first?? then you will respected enough for people to take orders from you. Until then mind your beeswax.’re single handedly wrecking the thread again. Please reread what you’ve said and see if you can work out why your tone offends!

And please don’t try to tell others what to do - we don’t like that.