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1. when moving, if you have difficulty getting tape to stick to an oily or rusty plate, use bungie cords to secure.

2. get a centering disk for re-installing the drive magnet.
plans to make them are online.
it is basically a 90 mm "doughnut" with a 20 mm hole.
don't even think of re-tensioning before removing the magnet.

3. not to diss that fancy tool,
but" listen" to the plate by rapping each corner with that 10 mm wrench.
you can spot areas that are under-tensioned,
each corner should have a similar high pitched "ting".
Thanks very much. Yes I already moved it a few months back and it's sitting in my garage. I taped it down and removed the magnet. I also made a tool like you described and it was a perfect fit, hence my fear of mucking around with it.