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Old 16th June 2019
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Need a new DAW

I have been using cakewalk for about 5 years, its great, but Im sick of it crashing. Im on my 3rd interface, spent $300 on my computer to add a hardrive and 32GB of memory.

* I record/mix/ master hard rock
* Only midi I use is addictive drums 2 and some occasional instruments.
* I record a lot of DI tracks and use Amplitube 4
* Organic plugins aren't a huge issue since I have a lot of 3rd party stuff
* I use external inserts, like a compressor pretty often

I like Sonar's prochannel, automation options, and customization. For instance, I can take a track fader, make it horizontal, and stretch it across the screen to see exact volume. That is probably the most important feature to me.

Ive gotten to the point where Im "saving" every 30 seconds, and feel like I constantly have to bounce tracks to lessen the plugin load. I also am constantly losing work, hearing pops, and having to erase/reload the program.

I also have the cheap version of harrison mixbus, but barely know how to use it. It doesnt seem like it has features like most DAWs, I think its mostly for final editing. Although the sound is great.

I appreciate it if anyone has switched from Cakewalk, or used multiple DAWs. Thanks