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Hi Benj!

Yes, you are exactly right that the signal type is for helping identify the location of your microphone for each of the suite of measurements, and yes, the sweep signal itself after the various type of location 'chirp' is exactly the same. However, the fact that one of the three test signals gave me a slightly better stereo image suggests to me at least that this is exactly why Sonarworks provided a selection of three location signals.

In a totally dead acoustic environment (i.e. an anechoic chamber) I'm pretty sure that the three test signals would each produce almost exactly the same final curves (especially if you have a robot holding the mic in exactly the correct position for each of the tests ) However, in the real world, when each test signal captured by the measurement mic is composed not only of the direct test signal, but also all the reflections of it bouncing off walls, ceiling, floors, furniture, gear and so on in our studios, there could well be some small confusion about each absolute mic position.

So to my mind it's quite possible that the absolute location of the measurement mic might be measured more accurately with one location signal than another. As Harvey mentioned, there IS an element of guesswork involved - if you run measurements with all three location test signals they could all look and sound virtually the same, or you could like me you might find one that sounds more focused than the others.

Hopefully someone such as Hrodulf from Sonarworks can confirm or deny this


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Are you sure it isn’t just a variation of every profile made being different? Every time I take a profile it’s slightly different, sometimes very similar, sometimes a good amount different. I was under the impression that the signal type was for helping identify the location and the sweep is the same for each... but that was just my observation after a bunch of testing.