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Well I've just installed Sonarworks version 4.3.1, and as it's Sunday afternoon, I decided to do some more sets of measurements with the default mic location test signal to see if my little studio acoustics have changed at all (yes, very slightly - I must have moved a few things since I last measured a few months back).

Then I thought I'd try two more sets of measurements, this time using Signal B and Signal C mic location signal type. Well, the three sets of curves were fairly close, and in my room Default and C were almost identical. However, B looked and sounded slightly different (we're only talking about 0.5dB here and there at maximum. However, in my studio I preferred this B calibration curve, which seemed to result in a slightly sharper stereo image and better overall balance.

As they say, your mileage may vary, but since it only takes about 20 minutes to try each, why not do this in your space to see which (if any) sounds best. Then it won't be a guess, and you may find in your space that the different mic location test signals make little audible difference to the end result.

As for the different Filter Types, I've ended up choosing the new Mixed one. To my ears the Zero Latency one sounded wider and more detailed than the Linear Phase one, and the bass end did sound slightly different. but I felt the Mixed was the best compromise

Are you sure it isn’t just a variation of every profile made being different? Every time I take a profile it’s slightly different, sometimes very similar, sometimes a good amount different. I was under the impression that the signal type was for helping identify the location and the sweep is the same for each... but that was just my observation after a bunch of testing.