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tuning an EMT 140 plate reverb

I have fairly recently acquired an EMT 140 plate solid state in excellent condition. I adore the sound and use every day but do wonder if it is tuned optimally. There are some narrow resonances for example around 1.7k which I notch out and the sound is better for it. I can certainly live with this. It might just be the nature of the beast but I would love to know if it is tuned as well as possible out of pure respect for the great machine. It's very nice and bright and alive sounding though which suggests the tuning ain't too bad. The low end greatly increases though when the damper is pulled right off.

Can I run test tones through it and email or post here to anyone who knows what to listen for? I'm in Sydney Australia. Could anyone help me remotely? Would be much appreciated. Happy to pay someone as well for this who knows what they are doing. I certainly don't!!