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Here for the gear

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Also, in hopes of tempting you to spend a little more, did I mention that this mini rig runs off of a cheap cell phone battery recharger?
OMG, what the hell are you doing! Are you pioneering the simplest way forward for guitar
I've got loads of power adapters - I don't want to think about that side of it just yet... though I can't help wondering how you managed that.

I've been checking out what everyone's been suggesting, including the S-Gear plug-in and the Torpedo Captor (which looked very interesting and might have been a possibility if I wanted to keep my tube amp), but I'm going to try a cheap modeling approach and see how it goes. I think there'll be more flexibility to chop and change gear, and control it easier, if I have a few cheap items rather than one single more expensive modeler like the hx stomp, and I think my use of a tube amp is coming to an end.

The question now is which effects? I really REALLY regret not buying the EHX Cathedral pedal when I bought my Holy Grail Max because I missed the chance to have a stereo reverb pedal which I'd now be able to use with my synth, a Novation Ultranova. The synth has its own reverb and delay effects but they're only basic and tedious to change. So now I'm looking at the Zoom ms70cdr. It's got great reviews and sounds good on YouTube, but will I be pleased with it after being so used to an EHX Holy Grail Max and a Boss DD6 delay? The Holy Grail Max is great with my Les Paul Studio but useless for my synth because the synth has two outputs for stereo with no option for mono (ok, I could combine them with a Y adapter but I'd then have more problems splitting it back out to run into the stero phono ports on the amp or monitors, and I'd lose stereo when recording). Zoom has struck me as poor quality in the past - I once had an old Zoom multi effects pedal - but perhaps that has changed. Should I opt for the ms70cdr or get something better for reverb and stick with dedicated effects pedals?

Any thoughts?