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I've only heard the Zylia on a crowded convention floor, so I can't comment too much on the sound quality, but I think they're hurting themselves a bit since it's a USB only mic. The vast majority of people I know doing ambisonics work are in the field, where it makes no sense to have a laptop. I could see it being useful in a smaller studio setting if you can aggregate it with another audio interface recording spot mics.
Works fine (though not with the updated version 2.0.0 driver, I had to revert to 1.3.0) with the Ockel Sirius A Pro Windows 10 computer, which is smaller than any field recorder other than a shaver. Might be worth trying the spot mic add on idea, especially if a future version of the Zylia Studio recording software adds that feature (they are still updating this work-in-progress, latest version still does not give you files with above 19 kHz real response, though they say it records up to 24 kHz (48 kHz sampling) and the processing plugins just need work).