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so... I dont want to pay for ableton as I actually have a cracked version(I know...) but it's time to finish up a bunch beats and I gotta decide if reason is the right move.

It's on sale right now, so that's nice. I've always been interested.

Do you guys start and finish your songs in reason or are you finishing up in studio one or another program? just curious if reason is what I'm looking for.

I'm looking to arrange, automate and master within a reason if possible.

I would buy ableton 10 but the price of it is not for me. I'd have to buy the suite version to make it worth while and it's just too much for a daw. logic is cheaper aswell so that's an option.

please give me your opinions.

I use an Mpc with external hardware synths and also use komplete kontrol.

also if the reason good with komplete and the mpc software?

thank you. any info would help. I know you guys hear **** like this all the time *rolls eyes*

Reason is a fully capable DAW now.

Granted though there will be some workflow differences.

For midi, I generally like Reason's arrange view for midi but Ableton's Session view I like better for midi overall.

Reason has better synths overall.

Ableton has better samplers, or at least more modern ones.

While Reason has more drum machine options, I love Lives Drum Rack concept. Lives drum workflow is overall better than Reason. That said Reasons new drum sequencer is pretty good but isnt free (needs to be)

When it comes to effects, I generally like Ableton Suite stuff overall. They have plenty of no nonsense devices like the compressor and EQ, both are very powerful and run circles around Reason Mclass devices.

That said Reason has better character devices, Audiomatic retro transformer, Scream, and RV7000 reverb are all great devices, Reason kind of lacks though in the swiss army knife digital EQ, Compressor department though. But Reason has some cool devices such as Neptune an Autotune/Harmonizer.

Audio editing.

For general editing tasks, Ableton feels more elegant. it has better zooming options for one. The new automation is very powerful, probably powerful than many DAWS now as they make it easy to draw curves and shapes and patterns.

Reason, you would need to use a CV solution or paste in old projects where someone already drew these shapes.

That said Reason has some very good features like comping, pitch editing. Reason also has very clean timestretching engine. Ableton's can sound a little gritty.

General concepts.

Reason free routing and CV is a gift/curse. If you want unique routing setups, it can be done in Reason, and since you patch it yourself the routing is easy to visualize.

That said in Ableton most stuff you need done are usually via simple right click or drag and drop gestures. It is much easier to do sidechaining in Ableton.

Either program will work though.