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For me, you lose the magic of a tube amp at living room practice levels. While not sounding "better" (by a far margin) I think modelers and solid state equipment are more useful at those level. Blah, blah, blah...
Of course you're welcome to your opinion but my 5 watt Silvertone amp and my Monoprice 1/15 watt amps both scream at living room levels. Admittedly that living room is in a stand alone home not an apartment, but still.... most SS amps at the very least do not load the pups right. I require smooth transition from clean to overdrive and the vast majority of SS amps can't do that but virtually all tube amps can when properly setup.

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More importantly: I heard a harmonica player once at the Hollywood Mesa store trying out reverb pedals using a Studio 22.


That is all.
Can you be more specific? Was it bad tone? too loud? what? and most importantly one has to know how to setup and tweak. Maybe that guy liked that sound or maybe he didn't know how to get what he needed. Or maybe and very likely he was playing through a Green Bullet mic to get that squawky distortion common to crystal/peizo mics. Either that o he may have switched in the high gain stage. Lots of variables having no bearing on the fact that It blew a Hammer Dulcimer players mind hearing how gorgeous it sounded when set right..