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[QUOTE=akebrake;14037976]Yes, I've already been plotting and tweaking your latest mdats in a number of different ways.

Me too...

[QUOTE]... I tried dinococcus' idea of putting a speaker on the floor to measure...

I noticed that, and I compared that (floor) position with the others. A lot of comparisons to do (and I'm not ready yet).

First reflections (and possibly second) will combine with modes and create strange interference nulls and peaks. Visible more or less depending on our chosen frequency resolution.

EDIT: IMHO a lot larger and thicker trap is needed to have an effect on a 100Hz bounce.

Some questions:
I guess the 8341's are your "main" speakers. Are they as close to the front wall as possible.(2"?)
How far from the side walls?

Would you mind measure & upload L / R Subs only (separately of course )


PS Your mdats works fine for me (I'm on mac OSX 10.10.5)
akebrake - The 8341's are my main speakers. They were about 4" away from the wall but for these measurements they are 2" away. The new .mdat file only has measurements from today in this new position. The nulls did change shape. The file was too large to include both yesterday and today's measurements.

I included measurements of both subs individually. The 8341's are exactly 42" away (measured to the tweeter) from the side walls.

Thanks for taking a look at these
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