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I haven't ever had this issue with any of my pro gear. I'd be curious if others have experienced it, and if so, how they dealt with it.
OK even the Furman PL-8C E does not block out the RFI/EMI in my 1073SPX.

A tech guy believes this means the unit is receiving it itself, as any interference from the mains SHOULD be blocked out by this fairly higher end Furman.

I'm now demo'ing a BAE 1073 I believe and a 500 series Chandler w/ API Lunchbox, to see if either will work with no RFI/EMI.

On top of this, got this SSL Fusion here, when it gets near my UFX+ there is a lot of mains hum/ noise, it needs to go above my UFX+.

Im wondering if there is a type of special sheeting or material that can be placed in between both in order for this to be okay?