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Originally Posted by amirgelman View Post
hey all,

so I'm looking to get 4 UAD essentials for my master chain.

currently I know for a fact I want:

- Shadow Hills comp
- Ampex tape
- Precision Maximizer

my genre is Pop music and Dance\EDM.

I hear all the time about Massive Passive but to be honest, EQ wise I'm really fine with Logic's native EQ. I'm still messing around with it using my 14 days demo... but I don't know if that's a good pick since I'm looking for really next-level type of plugins.

I also have the Maag EQ4 by Plugin Alliance which also helps me a ton EQ wise and if anything I'd probably get Brainworx's digital V3 by Plugin Alliance as it would also help me with mixing.

the idea is that the plugins I buy from UAD are for mastering ONLY... so when I need UAD plugins - it's when I'm in my studio mastering.

What should I get as a 4th plugin for mastering?

IMO I'd go for big color out of UAD plugs, and leave the more careful/transparent stuff to DMG, Fabfilter, iZotope, etc.

I'd second the manley varimu rec and urge you to demo the chandler curve bender.

I get a lot of mileage out of the manley varimu - certainly more than i do out of the shadow hills comp, but that's just me. I don't use it as a compressor (i.e., it's rarely doing much GR) so much as for its "box tone", and i don't use it all the time. but when it's great it's great. I could see it working for some pop tunes or down-tempo, vibey electronic music. Traditional EDM probably not so much, though who knows from specific track to track.

I don't care much for the UAD massive passive these days. I also don't like the UAD millennia either. For the past couple months i've been experimenting with the Chandler Curve Bender and, in small doses, I've been liking it a lot. Especially on electronic music. I get a weighty, hefty, and sheeny tone out of it, provided I don't go overboard judiciously. Just turn it on, one click here and there of boost or attenuation. It's quite nice, though it doesn't seem to get trotted out on the forum.

You open to hearing recs outside of UAD? IMO they make good color pieces for mastering on a budget, but other companies (DMG, Leapwing, Fabfilter, etc) offer stellar processing far outside the UAD wheelhouse.