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I have the Asus Prime X299 Deluxe II - it definitely has thunderbolt 3 built in, looking right at it. the version one of this board which is very similar does not have it built in.

I'm actually considering getting the add on thunderbolt card though, as it might help my problem which seems to be a thunderbolt 3-2 adapter conflict issue.
Sorry, I'm mixing up my boards it seems.

Ok, what I can say is that there various different controllers, we're currently on Titanridge and Alpine Ridge predated it. There were more cards before that but they didn't have official Windows support.

Both Alpine and Titan are fully TB3 cards and they've not made TB 2 cards in maybe 3 or 4 years now. If Antelope is suggesting you get a TB 2 card, they are asking something that is going to be pretty hard to achieve.

Most firms will recommend either the Apple or Startech converters (TB3 to TB2 converters), but rarely both of them, so maybe get them to tell you which one works better for them.

It might be worth checking what controller is on the board. If it's Titan then try Alpine or vice versa.