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Old 14th June 2019
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From the outside listening in, it sounds like 8DIO (Infinite God?) didn’t come close to achieving their ROI and basically bailed on any more serious X-time.

And, someone in authority needs to PM-cut Lady Gaia a big consultant/developer’s check for swooping in to save their collective faces.

But, I think my interest in the X has passed. It just doesn’t seem to have fulfilled its potential. I sort of cringe at all the hoop jumping required to create, load, setup and use user samples. Maybe it’s easier than I realize.

Plus, all the so-called deep-sampled variations on the same sound (theme) seem like filler/overkill. I’d prefer 1000 premium quality, individual instrument samples, over 200 samples with 5 variations (like different mic positions) any day.

It sucks when an obvious masterpiece is needlessly hobbled or diminished by lack of foresight or needed development. I hope it all gets worked out so these limitations are removed and features expanded to max out the X’s potential. I could really apppreciate a powerhouse sample-synth that’s a breeze to use on all levels.

At the same time, I know there are plenty of folks perfectly happy with their X the way it is. At least, I think, there are. It’s plenty feature rich and capable for making great music in the right hands.