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Here for the gear

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My thoughts exactly. Frankly, I don't see any use for an acoustic guitar amp unless you do a lot of tiny coffee house gigs or open mics.

BTW, you probably would not want to use the line out of an electric guitar amp to record, anyway, unless you want to jump down the rabbit hole of cabs IRs and similar post processing.
Talking about my acoustic amp isn't really of much help. I like my acoustic amp for the following reasons:

1) I use it quite often - I play acoustic guitar more than electric.
2) It's great to use when acoustic finger picking. There's a big difference between finger picking an unplugged acoustic and an amplified acoustic, especially when singing along.
3) I can add reverb and chorus to my acoustic sound.
4) I can use a looper pedal with my acoustic guitar - a key reason for buying the amp in the first place.
5) Using my Taylor 514ce, the sound from the line out going straight into my Focusrite interface records really well. I like the sound, even if others don't.
6) Using the second channel on the amp, it doubles as a big amp for my synth - saves having monitors on the table and provides a very powerful sound.
7) I sometimes use it when recording or messing around with drum software or just for playing music through from my laptop (not as good as a dedicated stereo but handy).

My Fender Blues Junior, which I've had for many years, won't help with any of the above, though it might be good for tiny coffee house gigs. The acoustic amp wins.

Which is why I'm now looking for a small replacement solution to play and record my electric guitar direct, with the option of using effects.