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Appreciate all this info, what is putting me off a lot of things is no XLR on the front (except for this 1073spx), I'm keen on a Chandler TG Channel MK 2 or a BAE 1028/1032 now if this 1073spx doesn't pan out. But I can definitely get over it as long as the damn Radio doesn't play in my preamp when im trying to record!
You have your best choices in my post, of course imho.

The vintage neve have an incredible sound indeed, I do think the Avedis and the BAE are somewhat the closest you could get (for sure regarding the quality). with the BAE you could get the 1023, if 3band with a lot of freq choice and an hpf is enough.

I rarely saw a preamp like that with the input on the front (i believe the rca/retro op6 has one..but it's a different animal altogether).

Btw this is very easy to solve..
1. The "elegant" way: put them on a second panel below the preamp with some short cable (ps: check the soldering / polarity!)..sort of a dedicated patch.
2. The "I-don't-have-RU-space-anymore" solution: stick two xlr cables (10m long) and let them arrive wherever is more practical to you.