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Please try the following steps:

1 Regress to VVV 1.7.1
2 Open a new session in PT
3 create a mono track with any audio on it for testing
4 insert VVV 1.7.1 as a mono/stereo plugin
5 save and close

6 install VVV2.0.1
7 reopen the session just created

Result: do you see VVV on your track?

Thank you!

EDIT: It's happening for me 100%
EDIT 2: re-installing version 1.7.1 from 2.0.1 will delete VVV from your AAX plugin folder. Running the installer a second time will bring it back to version 1.7.1
Are you on an HDX system? I'm able to replicate this behavior here, but only on HDX; this doesn't happen on PT native. Let me confirm a fix and I'll post about that here.