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What is you outlook on your numbers in customers for the next couple years?
next couple of months look pretty good. That's just in terms of bookings.
Which about as far as my crystal ball can see. A couple of months.

The economy is cooking along
actually car sales are slipping into recession-level decline
the tariff wars with China echo things that led to the Great Depression
and if they cut off the rare earth minerals, tech companies are screwed

and remember, the stock market reacts to what they think is going to happen.

and wages are going up,
Are wages going up? I don't know anyone who got a raise recently.
are they gonna buy more equipmemt for their own bedroom studio or are they coming to you pros for mixing and mastering
good question. The economy may determine how much money they will have available to spend, but it won't determine how they spend it.

Personally I think we are in the middle of a slight swing of the pendulum back towards at least some musicians feeling that they want to focus more on being musicians and getting high quality product out there without the distractions of self-engineering. But I think this is an "attitude" thing more than a money thing - a small shift in the zeitgeist. It swung so far away, that there is some room for a bounce.

The economy comes into to play more on the industrial level. People who need recordings vs people who want recordings. I would think that if the economy does well, there are more projects that are "paid for" vs projects that are "spec". A band already signed to a label or a soundtrack commissioned for a film is 'paid for'. A band making a recording to put on Soundcloud or hoping to attract a following is 'spec'.

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